Hi everyone and thank you for visiting our website.  SHANGO CORNER PRODUCTIONS is a multimedia company creating art that encompasses the aesthetics reflected in the experience of the Afrikan as it relates to the now, the future and the past.  We are dedicated to telling stories through art that is enlightening, inspiring, spiritual and truthful.  SHANGO CORNER PRODUCTIONS wants to entertain an audience that is searching for imagery, wordsound and tones that are based in “Nommo”. “Nommo being the power of the word, that force which manipulates all forms of raw life and conjures images that not only represent a biological place in time and space, but a spiritual existence as well.”(Paul Carter Harrison/The Drama Of Nommo)

Our desire is to build a coalition of artist that work together to build a strong platform for us to be free to express ourselves. We want to utilize all of our means of expression as a catalyst that empowers the next generation to build upon.  This is why we are excited about our first featured project “MUSIC IS ME”, an EP produced, engineered, performed and composed by eighteen-year-old Ajani.  This project is the foundation of what we promise to consistently build upon.  Ajani is a true talent and embraces the walk of those that came before him.  His skill and passion as a singer, writer, musician and composer exemplifies the essence of Sankofa.  We want to show the world that the Afrikan is alive and stronger than ever.  So join us, SHANGO CORNER PRODUCTIONS, as we shift this paradigm by creating art in the Afrikan continuum.


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